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    I dowloaded this app and can't figure out how to use it. Please help. Thanks.
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    This tweak is tied directly into the Photos app, so there will be nothing in Settings (and you don't get an icon). What you will get is more options in the Photos app.

    So, open your Photos app. When you are looking at your photos, there is a curvy arrow at the top right. Press on it to select a photo (or more). Then you should see a button titled "Add To." I believe it's on the upper left (I don't have this tweak on my iPad, I'm walking through these instructions using my iPhone ... sorry).

    Anyway. Press the "Add To" button. You will get four options: Move to Existing Album, Add to Existing Album, Move to New Album and Add to New Album. The two Add options are Apples - they will create a link in the new album, but the photo will remain IN the original, stock photo album.

    The tweak is what created the two Move options. Your photo will be physically moved from the stock album into an album of your choice.

    When/if you select "Move to New Album" - you will be offered the chance to name the album and to create a password for it, should you wish (just press the lock symbol in the upper right of the pop-up). Then, you'll see that you have a new area within Photos titled Private (that you can also password protect).

    And, if you select "Move to Existing Album" - you'll be offered the selection of your existing albums.

    That's really the basics of this tweak. Oh, and fair warning - don't forget the password(s) of any albums if you set them! Trust me, it's a pain to figure them out, or to find them. :)

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.


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