Photo In Cloud or on Device?

Discussion in 'iPad for Photographers' started by beasonfan, Mar 27, 2016.

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    You're welcome.
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    My workflow is pretty simple. I have made folders in my Documents app, for example during this Diwali festival, I shot more than 120 pics all, I exported to Diwali 2017 folder in Documents app. Here I have liberty of changing names of image files, making subfolders etc. Then I remove photos from my native photo album of my iPad Pro, so that they don’t contribute to occupying the space on my iCloud. It could be correct that iCloud sync the photos in Apple devices, but I have observed that with increasing numbers of photographs in photo album on a particular device, the space on iCloud gets shrinked. This indicates that iCloud actually do store photos on iCloud. Moreover the deleted photos on any device are listed in recently deleted folder and I believe these photos are definitely there on iCloud for 30 days. As twerppoet had once mentioned iCloud is not just a drive, it is much more than it, probably a smartest data sync and storage systems.
    Once my folder is ready, I normally upload the whole folder to onedrive or google drive for backup purposes. Thus I reduce the footprints of image files on devices as well as reduce the clutter without confusion.

    PS. Just forgot to add that, with iCloud the automatic sync/backup is always on for all Apple devices, and therefore the Documents app too gets backed up, which will cause lots of occupation of space unless the image containing folders are completely removed from them after proper backup on third party drive. And the other option is to have more space subscribed in iCloud.

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