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    I have had my iPad 2 for almost a month now. The first day home I started my search for a case/stand that I thought would never end. I thought I found a promising case after reading and viewing countless reviews, the Incase Book Jacket 2. My local Best Buy store couldn't keep enough of them on the shelves! I got lucky and found one stashed in-between some others and purchased it. I was happy with the fit- it looked good, felt good and didn't add to much bulk to the iPad. After a few days I couldn't take it anymore. The case kept popping out of its grooves. I was greatly disappointed since it had such a high rating on Amazon. The search for next case would be even tougher, after searching and again reading and viewing reviews I finally settled on the Switcheasy Canvas 2. One of the deciding factors for me was the positive feedback on Switcheasy's customer service. But, still after a week I couldn't bring myself to order one. I was also interested in the Joby Gorillamobile Ori, but there were just not enough reviews on this piece. I finally made my decision Saturday the 23rd: charcoal gray Canvas 2! When I went to order the Amazon store said they were out of stock, ugh! I posted on Switcheasy Facebook page to see if the store had them in stock and they quickly replied where to purchase. Sunday night the 24th I placed my order direct with Switcheasy. Monday the 25th my confirmation was sent and order number, the 26th a tracking number from USPS. The 28th I received my Canvas 2! The packaging was nice and simple just a plain manilla envelope, inside was the canvas 2 wrapped in its plastic clear covers. I was impressed by the packaging since this product is mainly sold through mail order not in stores (at least any I know of). A matter of fact it's packaged more nicely then the X brands that are carried in retail stores! Kudos to Switcheasy. I fitted my iPad into the tray following the simple instructions and was ready to rumble! I was really happy with the fit, snug in its plastic case, no worries it will ever fall out. Closing the case will take a little doing but once you get the hang of if it it should be a snap. I think after a few weeks when things break in the case opening and closing will be easier. I love the automatic on/off feature seems a bit silly but its a neat thing to show off. The viewing angles are perfect, the feet that lock into the grooves keep the iPad very stable, swiping and tapping will not be problem. The typing angle is perfect too, whether typing on a table top, your lap or lying in bed you will find it comfortable and stable. I can stand the case in portrait view but stands straight up and down with no viewing angle, the case was not made for this feature. The camera is not blocked when the case folded and the case has a nice thick microfiber liner. Some reviews mentioned the case was bulky, it doesn't feel bulky at all, I think it's just right. I will mention that it is a little heavier than it looks. The weight is comparable to the iPad 1 without a case /stand. The size is great, not too big and provides plenty of protection. I like the way the iPad sits in a cradle instead of having overlapping sides to hold it in place. The cutouts are perfect everything lines up just right. Switcheasy also sends two of the 30 pin and ear bud protectors. They match the color which is a nice touch. Also included was a protective film for the iPad face ( I have a Zagg) and a cleaning micro cloth. I am very happy with this product and wanted to share my view. Even though it's only been a few hours using it I am extremely happy. I am hoping to do a simple short video review using the iPad 2 with the Switcheasy case. I found it extremely annoying almost all the reviews I saw never showed the iPad in use with a case! Hopefully this review will help you on your quest for an iPad 2 case/stand.

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