Pentagon Moving From BlackBerry to Apple and Google Devices

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    Bloomberg writes today that it looks as if another BlackBerry stalwart is thinking of ditching the BB and moving over to Apple and Google. The news comes via an announcement from the U.S. Defense Department today, saying that by next February, it will open its networks to over 100,000 mobile phones and tablets, which it intends to source from Apple and Google. As Bloomberg notes, this could threaten BlackBerry’s position at the Pentagon, where it is currently the biggest supplier of smartphones. According to the report, the Pentagon has said that it is making the move because it wants its employees to be able to use commercial devices on both classified and unclassified networks. And as you might expect, there will be no half measures from the Pentagon, as it also intends to create its own special military mobile App Store, as well as build a system designed to cope with up to 8 million devices. [/FONT]

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    [FONT=&quot]Source:[/FONT] Pentagon Will Open Networks to Apple, Google Devices in 2014 - Bloomberg

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