Pebble Announces New Color Choices to its iOS-compatible Smartwatches

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    Many iPhone and iPad users are looking forward to the release of the iWatch and if this does happen, then smartwatch makers like Pebble will be under a lot of pressure. Probably that's why the company is looking to make its products as appealing as possible before and if that happens. According to a recent story from the FastCompany publication, Pebble is adding more color choices to its smartwatch lineup

    So, we see that Fly Blue, Fresh Green, and Hot Pink have been added, and there are definitely many customers who will be interested in getting one. Pebble already offers its smartwatch line in black, white, gray, red, and orange plastic colors. The top-of-the-line model is the metal-clad Pebble Steel and it comes in black and silver-tone versions.

    Pebble said it went through "a lot of iterating" to make sure of the color consistency in the new options, according to evangelist Myriam Joire. Pebble is releasing the new colors in a limited production probably to see what the reaction of consumers will be.

    Pebble is facing a lot of pressure from Samsung with its line of smartwatches and with the launch of Android Wear, LG and Motorola will also join the bandwagon. So, it will be interesting to see whether the company will manage to maintain its position of being a leader of the smartwatch market.

    Source: FastCompany

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