The New Yorker Publishes an Extensive Profile on Jony Ive, One of The Most Detailed Yet

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    jony ive profile.jpg

    Jony Ive is known as the design mastermind at Apple, and, of course, there are many interested to know more about this personality. We've seen many interviews and reports being done on him, but now it seems that The New Yorker website has published the most detailed and most interesting of them all.

    The article describes how Jony arrived at Apple back in the late 90’s, how his relationship with Jobs developed over that period, and how he is adapting to ‘leading’ design in post-Jobs Apple. You can follow the link at the end to have a look at the entire article.

    But here are some of the most important bits from the article, as compiled by the guys over at The Verge.

    Ive has a Banksy poster in his office

    Ive helped J.J. Abrams design Star Wars' new lightsaber

    Ive is into cars (and hates Toyotas)

    Ive doesn't like Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography

    Ive (seemingly) isn't thrilled about the iPhone 6's camera bump

    Apple considered making a larger iPhone 4

    Ive doesn't care for Google Glass (and neither does Tim Cook)

    Tim Cook may not love Beats' hardware design

    The Apple Watch may eventually come in more materials

    An Ultrasuede cloth may come with some models of the Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch was always going to be rectangular

    The Apple Watch prompted a store redesign

    The Apple Watch is more Ive's than any previous Apple product

    Source: The New Yorker, TheVerge
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    Interesting stuff! It gets me excited for the Apple Watch release

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