Adobe launches smart stylus and digital ruler, compatible with the iPad

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    This week, Adobe introduced a couple of exciting new products during its MAX conference. First off, the company revealed it was renouncing the Creative Suite line. But don’t be bummed out, instead, Adobe is taking up a new project entitled Creative Cloud. And to mark this occasion, Adobe announced it will be releasing two fresh items: a smart pen, which is also compatible with the iPad, being nicknamed “Project Mighty”. The company also released a digital ruler called Napoleon.

    The stylus has the ability to connect with your Apple tablet via Bluetooth. It can then be used in concert with different features that ar​​e stored in the cloud like in a library. The stylus is pressure sensitive and if you are looking to do some technical drawing on your iPad, for example, Project Mighty and Napoleon make the perfect couple. This way, drawing squares, arches or triangles becomes extremely easy and fun.

    Overall, the stylus features a single button and it can be effectively used to add colors, patterns and more to create the most complex drawings. Adobe has also uploaded within the Creative Cloud custom content, so users can turn to it when they’re having a dry spell. Another important feature is that Project Mighty is a product that requires low amounts of energy when trying to connect via Bluetooth. The smart stylus offers built-in-memory and probably many more exciting features, but the company hasn’t revealed them all. At the moment, Project Mighty and Napoleon are in development still and the company hasn’t mentioned when it will start production. More details about them will probably surface in the coming months.

    Source: TechCrunch

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