Pad refuses to display my usual Yahoo Mail site

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by bobinyelm, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I've been using my iPad II for 8 months flawlessly, and this morning it suddenly refuses to display my usual bookmarked Yahoo tablet email site, which is " "

    When I click on that bookmark, or enter it manually, the progress bar at the top fills, indicating the site has loaded, yet my screen is just bright white w/ nothing in the frame. It is as if the site has absolutely no content, but just displays that blank white page.

    I realized that I had that email site* still "open" elsewhere on the pad (I have 3 sites "up" and open currently), so tried re-opening THAT Yahoo Mail frame (exact same URL as will NOT work if I try to go there via bookmark or loading manually), by clicking on it, and it works perfectly, displaying normally, and allowing me to use all of the mail functions on that page (read, reply, compose mail, etc.). I dare not close that page and try to re-open it fearing it will act up. (*I confirmed the URL for the opened tab that WORKS is the exact same URL site that on other tabs/pages does NOT work).

    If I open a new email site page/tab, and either try to use my bookmarked mail URL, or enter the mail URL page manually, I just get the blank page FOR THAT YAHOO MAIL URL.

    All of my other bookmarked pages load and display properly on that new site page, and all other iPad functions work normally as well. No other symptoms.

    I loaded the URL site in question on my desktop PC, and it loads and works perfectly there as well, allowing me to use the tablet Yahoo Mail function perfectly.

    I also tried to "back in" to Yahoo email by going to Yahoo main page on the iPad (displays fine, and allows viewing any appropriate links from it as well), then clicking on the "Mail" tab, and again, I just get the same blank page display.

    This strikes me as VERY odd, but hopefully someone else has faced this glitch.

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    Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and delete any mention of the site. You can do this by the usual method of swiping the entry then tapping the Delete button that appears. You'll be asked to log in the next time you visit the site.

    Or you can just Remove All Website Data.

    Or you can Clear Cookies and Data from the main Safari Settings page. This will do the same thing, but for all sites. You will have to log back into all the sites that usually remember you.

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