Orientation sensor has a life of its own on 8.1

Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by Commodore, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Did anyone else notice that the orientation sensor keeps working even when on standby? That is, when you awake the iPad, its screen orientation will correspond to the last position which triggered the orientation change even if it was on standby.

    This is especially evident if you put the iPad to standby in one orientation, move it around while it's on standby, put it on a flat surface (e.g. a desk), and then turn it on while on that surface -- you would expect to see the same screen orientation as before, but it could be something completely different (depending on the last position of the iPad before putting it to rest on the surface, the picture could even be upside down).

    I've noticed this behavior before, likely right after upgrading to 8.1, but didn't really pay much attention at first. Maybe it's some wicked new feature (so that you have the "new" orientation even before you turn it on, which doesn't necessarily make sense if you turn it on while it's lying flat on a desk...), but at least they could put a switch into the Settings to turn it off if you don't need it.

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