Video of a Cat Unlocking the iPhone 5S with His Paw-print on the Touch ID Sensor

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    Even though this story and video area about the new Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 5S, we thought it would be cool to share here because of the rumors that the next-gen iPad might actually get the same fingerprint sensor. Enjoy!

    Your first reaction to the above headline may have you worried that the security of the new Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 5S is not very secure or accurate, but don't worry. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the video above demonstrating a cat using the Touch ID to unlock the new iPhone 5S is simply more proof that Apple got it right and their new tech is actually very powerful.

    As it turns out, cats are one of the few animals which have distinct skin patterns (fingerprints) on their paws which can be picked up by sensors just like a human. Just for phone, the person who made this video thought it would be fun to program the Touch ID finger-print sensor in their new iPhone 5S with the paw-print of their cat. Here's a quote with a few more interesting tidbits,

    Since the new iPhone 5S can store up to five Touch ID profiles, this means your pet cat can now have his own login for your iPhone (or future iPad)! Now if we can only teach him/her how to order pizza for us... ;)

    Source: TechCrunch
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