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    When i first started to use my i pad almost continuously, all i had to do was plug in the charger, and i could use it while it charged.
    Now, it has stopped workng this way.
    when i plug the unit in while trying to use it, the little ding bell sounds, and it states that it is charging, but less than 2 seconds after that, it says not charging. I have had a bit of a problem to get to stay charging after i have closed the smart cover.
    I have just checked it again after plugging it in and it is showing not charging the green for battery is not shown and wording comes up and says it is not charging.
    I seem to emember reading somewhere that when this happens that it is actually charging but i may have that wrong.

    Are there any readons why it would stop charging as i am using it.

    I have found the reason why it quit working. Was thinking of editing and taking this question off the grid, but maybe it will help others in similar situations.

    After contiuously trying and trying and trying again and again, the message popped that this item i guess referring to the charger may not ge compaptible. I thought the thing went off the deep end or smething. Then i realized that i had two chargers that are exactly the same. One for my ipad mini and one for the regular .ipad. I did not know they wrre incompatible with one another til now,
    Like i said these things do not come with instructions, you have to automatically know, or ask someone who does automatically know.
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    The two chargers aren't exactly incompatible. It's just that the iPad Mini charger supplies less power than the full sized iPad charger. You could still charge the big iPad on the Mini's charger, but it does not supply enough current for you to both charge and use the iPad at the same time.

    On the other hand, you can use the big charger on both iPads without issues. It may even charge the Mini slightly faster. But only a little bit. There is an upper limit on how fast an iPad will charge, in order to prevent damage to the battery.
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