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    I subscribe to Rhapsody, but imagine all apps allowing offline listening for "downloaded" music are similar. My question is where is this music stored? Can I see how much space it it taking up on my iPad3/iPhone? Can it be accessed with a search when connected to my iMac?

    I have found there is no interconnection between the app on one device and another. This is irritating when going from my iPhone listening to that on my iPad. I have to go through the download process on each device.

    I assume the music is downloaded in some way, but of course, magically lost if the subscription lapses. This leads me to think it isn't really downloaded as purchased music is. What actually happens?
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    The music is actually downloaded to your device but is coded to self delete if your subscription expires. If you renew your subscription before it expires, the life of your download is extended. This is similar to the way renting movies in iTunes works. The iTunes rental is set to delete itself after 30 days or 24 hours after you start playing it.

    On a stock iPad, you can't access the file system to see the actual downloaded music files, which would be stored within the app. If you go into Settings>General>Usage>Manage Storage and scroll down to the Rhapsody app, the size of the download should be shown under documents and data.
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