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    Kind of a long one here, but it's driving me nuts, so please help. Currently running the latest beta of iOS 7, if that helps.

    The iPad's music player's interface is a huge step down from the ease and convenience of the old iPhone/iPod touch days of coverflow and actually being able to view an alphabetical list of all the tracks, etc. HOWEVER, my main problem with it is that it doesn't support scrobbling. And when I connect my iPad to the computer, the program does not recognize it as a device like it did with my old iPod touch. So I've been trying out other apps.

    The program is pretty awful because of its interface and it doesn't scrobble half the time. Most annoyingly is how it lists everything I've ever downloaded from the iTunes store, which includes a lot of things I don't want on my iPad. For example, a free Christmas compilation that I had to download in order to get one song several years ago. And naturally, it jumps to one of those songs pretty much every time I go on shuffle.

    The kicker is I have already gone into settings to disable things not already on my iPad from being displayed in the stock music player (exact wording is "Only music that has been downloaded to this device will be shown), but there they are in these third party apps. The app Groove does the same thing, as does Planetary. And to add insult to injury, when one of these songs comes up on shuffle or accidentally tapped, it becomes a permanent fixture of the official music player, and when I connect to my computer, it's not listed as being on my iPad, so I can't delete it and have to do a hard reset or two for them to vanish.

    Anyways, is there a way to fix this problem or a better app that I can be using? Thank you.
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