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Official "Dead World" development thread (Fallout like iPad game)

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by BranFlizGames, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. BranFlizGames

    BranFlizGames iPF Novice

    Oct 3, 2011
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    La Crosse
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    Dead World is an upcoming iPad game. It is based on the famous xbox and pc games "Fallout".
    Red-Not started
    Yellow- Started but not complete
    Green- Completed :)
    1. North Florrings- Safe Haven
    2. Sowtum (soetum)- Abandoned city (Bandits live here)
    3. BlackStone- City on a mountain
    4. RidgeStone- Small town (only a police station is here)
    5. Jobstown- Memorial city to Steve Jobs
    6. Stoughton- Biggest city in the game (you also start here)
    7. Sojurn- Farming city
    8. Black Bay- Small town (river goes through it, polluted, but has water filter building)
    9. Reng- Transportion city (run by Bandits)

    ~ North Florrings buidlings
    1. 2 Police Stations
    2. Fire Station
    3. Hospital
    4. Hotel
    5. Abandoned school (Thursdale, secret "stuff" are kept here)

    ~ Sowtum (soetum) buildings
    1. Houses (Bandits)
    2. Destroyed Hospital
    3. Destroyed Post Office

    ~ BlackStone buildings
    1. Mining Facility

    ~ RidgeStone buildings
    1. City Hall
    2. Resturants
    3. School (abandoned)
    4. Museum (over run by Bandits)
    5. Police Station
    6. Houses
    7. Big Mansion (Bandit head quarters, Bandit leader is here)

    ~ Jobstown buildings
    1. Steve Jobs memorial statue
    2. Houses

    ~ Stoughton buildings
    1. Post Office
    2. Gun Shop
    3. Police Station
    4. Fire Station
    5. Hospital
    6. Brandon's House ( guy you play as house..aka the house you start in, sleep in..YOUR HOUSE!)
    7. Houses
    8. Taverns/Bars
    9. Restaurants
    10. Hotel
    11. City Hall
    12. Whispering Angels H.Q

    ~ Sojurn buildings
    1. Houses
    2. Barns
    3. Farm fields

    ~ Black Bay buildings
    1. Water filter building
    2. Houses (3-4)

    ~ Reng buildings
    1. Train station
    2. 4 houses

    ~Baddies (Enemies, not in any specific order)
    Crazies (Psycho people)

    Former (Zombie, catch the GOW3 name ;) )
    Metamorphs (Giant mutants)

    ~ Gangs ( in order of size, biggest first)
    The Black Barons (Bad,) H.Q- Unknown
    Whispering Angels (Good) H.Q- Stoughton
    Screaming Devils (Bad) H.Q- Unknown
    Reapers (Neutral) H.Q- Unknown
    Bandits (Bad) H.Q- RidgeStone

    North Florrings

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  2. no1up

    no1up iPF Novice

    Apr 21, 2012
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    You should get with the guys from waistland 2.... Maybe you can build the iOS version and get paid at the same time? They have about 3 million donations from kick starter already..

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