NO External Links - A Little Extreme, Perhaps??

Discussion in 'Forum Rules, Help and Info' started by iLoner, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hi there, I am grateful to have somewhere to be able to discuss iOS without being bothered by brain-dead Android trolls, and I like the supportive and positive atmosphere here.

    However, one thing I dislike about IPF and related sites is the rule which prohibits ANY external links from being posted. While I understand that it was introduced to stop spam, I personally find this rule to be a little extreme. Being able to post links to helpful articles, tutorials, and particularly jailbreak tools, which generate a near-infinite amount of visually-identical scam sites, would increase productivity and make it easier to offer assistance to people.

    I frequently post on a site with literally thousands more members than this site, which allows external links, yet receives every little spam. Users are stopped from being able to sign up and instantly spam by an automated system which stops any links being posted until the person has been a member for one week, and has made a certain number of posts. This system would work very well here, in my opinion.
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    I'm glad you like this forum. However, I'm afraid you're just a tad mistaken. :) We do allow external links - if they pertain to the discussion at hand and are not a developer or business person trying to drum up business.

    From the forum rules:

    We do prevent multiple links to other sites, particularly if the links are already there. For example, we have many, many external links in the Hacking sub-forum that go to other sites (for jail breaking tools, discussion, etc.).

    Hope this clarifies.


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