New video shows comparison between iPad 5, current iPad mini and second gen iPad mini

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    As we are waiting for the upcoming release of the second gen iPad mini, here’s another video for you. Unbox Therapy just posted it on YouTube and in it, one can see a clear comparison of the iPad mini 2 rear shell, the current iPad mini and the iPad 5. In the clip from above, most of the back plate details are quite visible, but unfortunately we don’t see anything else.

    As previous rumors have stated, the next gen mini tablet doesn’t look too different from its predecessor. The only visible difference is that the iPad mini 2 back plate is black and features a silver Apple logo, ​​while the other two are silver and display the same black Apple logo style we have been accustomed to.

    There’s a slight difference between the two Mini versions regarding width. The guys at Forbes actually measured them and they came to the conclusion that the iPad mini 2’s width is slimmer by 1.5 cm (6”). The screen size is however maintained.

    Another interesting detail worth mentioning is that the iPad 5 seems to be as slim as the two Minis. With the launch of the iPad 3, Apple was forced to bulk up on the width of the tablet to be able to incorporate the Retina Display into the product. Now, it seems that the iPad maker has managed to find a way to reduce it again and therefore make it even more attractive to customers.

    Source: MacRumors

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