New leaked iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 photos: the best look so far

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    We have seen a whirlwind of leaks showcasing bits and pieces of Apple’s upcoming two babies – the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2. But today’s leaked story brings Apple fan Sony Dickson into the spotlight once again. Mister Dickson just posted a bunch of pictures that give us the clearest look yet of the two upcoming tablets.

    In these new photos we can clearly see the back shell of the fully fledged tablet which features the Apple logo made of anodized aluminum and three holes located in the left edge which will probably house the control buttons. Also, as the rumor mill predicted, the big iPad will draw its features from its smaller brother, the iPad Mini.​​

    The heft and weight will be visibly trimmed. As expected, the larger tablet will sport a thinner bezel while maintaining the immersive screen rendition. It will feature a powerful A7X processor that will undoubtedly be able to charge the wonderful Retina Display. Also we’ll probably going to see a resolution of 2048 x 1535 on it.

    As relating to the iPad mini 2, there’s not much to report. The next generation shrunken tablet looks pretty much the same as its predecessor when taken from the back. This concurs with what we have been seeing in the past weeks' iPad mini 2 related rumors, but it’s hard to tell if the gadget shown in the pictures is the authentic next gen iPad mini.

    Source: Sonny Dickson 1, Sonny Dickson 2

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    This is amazing!

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