Pictures of an iPad mini 16.7 watt-hour battery leak online

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    Only one week to go until the much hyped iPad mini event is likely to happen, and MacRumors has just posted some pictures that apparently showcase the battery of the upcoming device. The battery carries the model number A1446 and Apple part number 616-0641. Other specifications include the battery running at 3.72 volts, offering 16.7W/hr of energy on 4490 mAh of charge.

    Compared with other Apple devices the iPad mini’s battery comes somewhere in between with its 16.7 watt-hour. The iPhone battery is at 5.45 watt-hours, and the third generation iPad has 42.5 watt-hours. This makes sense especially since all rumors indicate that the shrunken tablet will be similar to the iPad 2 and will not feature the wonderful Retina Display. The iPad 2 battery is placed at 24-watt hours and because the mini tablet will sport a smaller screen it won’t necessitate such a big battery. A 16.7 watt-hour battery would be similar to the batteries the competing devices have – and I’m referring to the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire.

    The authenticity of the part showcased in the leaked photos could not be properly determined of course but the markings engraved on it seem to be consistent with Apple’s usual imprints. The proportions also seem to be consistent with what is rumored in the iPad mini.

    By Radu

    Source - Photos of 'iPad Mini' Battery Reveal 16.7 Watt-Hour Capacity - Mac Rumors
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    This is getting really exciting!

    Thank you for the info, DGstorm! :)

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