New game to be released - Curly!

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    Hi guys, I'm just giving everyone in this forum a heads up on our new game!

    The Game

    The game is called Curly and it's a very addictive fast paced platform with a single unlimited level. The main character is a little pig named curly who travels to the big city. Upon arrival he notices that something isn't right and soon enough he spots the trouble coming straight at him. Which is a meteor shower!

    Help Curly get out of this mess by dodging and exploding the meteors while gaining special abilities thru out the game.

    We are giving the game the final touches now, after a very long development.
    We aim to have the game ready and released within the next two months for iPhone and iPad!

    Follow us for news and updates here:

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    YouTube Video

    Curly in action!

    Curly is a pretty simple and straight forward game:

    Adjust the speed navigation of curly on each axis.


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