Ortus Arena: Awesome two player tactical game, coming in October to the app store

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    So, there is this indie game in Holland being developed, it's gonna be quite a serious game for the ipad. it's a tactical turn based game set in some medieval japan/fantasy environment. We are kickstarting it right now!

    Quick look at what the game will look like:

    The game will be published on IOS as well as a real, physical, tabletop version of the game. We playtest it every thursday on a crowd of experienced boardgamers and we get really positive responses. It appeals both to hardcore boardgamers as well as the more casual ones because of the simple ruleset but the intense interaction between players. We hope to translate the same tension to the digital realm of tablet gaming.


    In Ortus, two players fight for dominance over a playing field by occupation of relevant, energy-generating tiles. The energy that these tiles generate can be used to manoeuvre, attack or defend your warriors. In your turn you can attack pieces, defending happens in the turn of your opponent. Because of this, you have to be very carefull with the energy you use in your turn and try to anticipate accurately the opponents moves. This gives the game the same challenge as go or chess, as all relevant information is always visible. The rules are thoroughly explained in the video below:

    Ortus is going to feature fully animated characters, networking functionalities - multiplayer online and offline, custom sound track, AI opponents and basically just a lot of fun.

    Check it out. I really feel we're bringing something cool and a bit more serious to the world of tablet gaming. Also, the dual release we're doing is also cool. October is gonna be awesome

    2 supersmall.jpg

    And here is a custom board, made by a fan:

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    We've removed the kickstarter link from your post, as it violates our rule against posting for fundraising purposes.

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