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    Let me introduce myself : my name is Adrien Sergent, I am the owner and lead game designer of Digital Wave Studio, is a studio independent video game development founded in late 2009 andbased in France.

    I created this topic because Digital Wave Studio and ITS On Mobile have the pleasure to announce the official launch of our video game "Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe" on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad !


    Game sheet :

    Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe is a 2D cartoon addictive puzzle game with the theme cooking.

    The game is already available on Palm Pre / Pixi and Freebox where it received an excellent reception from players and journalists.

    Puzzle Kitchen won second place in the Young Talent Competition SFR Palm Developers, organized by the mobile operator SFR and the manufacturer Palm : Les lauréats du concours SFR Jeunes Talents Developpeurs dévoilés

    You can now find Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe on the App Store at special price for launch of 0,99 $ for iPhone and 1,59 $ for iPad !

    The game is available on the App Store at the following link :

    Link Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe iPhone/iPod Touch : Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad sur l?iTunes App Store

    Link Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe iPad : Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe pour iPad pour iPad sur l?iTunes App Store

    You can find below, the full press release :

    Game sheet :

    Name game : Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe

    Platform : iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    Game style : Puzzle game

    Price : 0,99 $ for iPhone and 1,59 $ for iPad

    Language : English, French

    Game overview :

    Digital Wave Studio and ITS On Mobile are pleased to announce the official release of the game "PuzzleKitchen Deluxe" on the App Store for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad !

    Acclaimed by critics:

    "Puzzle Kitchen is one of the best looking puzzle games available for webOS"

    "I recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced puzzles"
    4/5 Straightupsimplereview

    "The fans of the "puzzle game" will be delighted with the game Puzzle Kitchen, offering a quality video game with an original theme"
    Palm attitude.org

    Second place winner of the contest SFR Palm JTD

    Game description :

    Puzzle Kitchen is a 2D cartoon puzzle game with cooking theme. The game concept is very simple and addictive : Score as many points as possible before the end of the game !

    In Puzzle Kitchen, the player is a young chef trying to become the best chef in Cooking City !
    Nothing could be simpler : Just assemble identical food and/or make recipes, and you earn points and increase your chances of blow your scores.
    Throughout the game one time gauge empties : when it is completely empty, the player’s game over !

    All the challenge of the game relies on speed of achievement points and management of the remaining time.
    From level to level, the player will also get surprises : new foods and recipes challenges will be added in the menu, making the game more difficult.

    Attention : as the player level up, the restaurant becomes more selective and therefore customer are more demanding, the time gauge will drain faster and make it harder to perform.

    You can find a clip of the most appetizing iPhone games on Youtube : [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo2hsmwqvs4&feature=related[/ame]

    Puzzle Kitchen will meet your expectations for a touchscreen mobile game, by offering a quality game, with a simple concept and eyes catching realization (cartoon refreshing).
    Easy to understand but difficult to master !

    So go ahead : Entering the kitchen Puzzle Kitchen, heat your cookware and get ready to experience the most entertaining session of cooking you’ve ever lived !

    Discover the menu Puzzle Kitchen :

    - A game concept simple and catchy, but with subtlilities : Assembling food, Making Recipes, perform Combo and achieve challenges !

    - A system of increased difficulty levels as you go through the game, thus making twists and suspense throughout the game !

    - A funny game with long duration : More than a dozen different challenges to achieve !

    - A ranking of the best local and global scores and the opportunity to share their score with their friendsvia Facebook, Twitter and even by mail!

    - A cartoon-style 2D graphics quality with an original theme : The Kitchen !

    Enjoy your meal !

    Screenshots :





    You can also find the press release at this link, You can also find the press release at this link : http://www.its-on-mobile.com/forum/...2/Communiqué-de-presse-Puzzle-Kitchen-iOS.pdf

    And finally, here again the link to download Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe :

    Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe iPhone : Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad sur l?iTunes App Store

    Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe iPad : Puzzle Kitchen Deluxe pour iPad pour iPad sur l?iTunes App Store

    If you have any questions about the game or if you want to review it, please write on this topic.
    I will be happy to reply

    Best regards

    Adrien Sergent

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