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    Jun 17, 2012
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    These apps are in my to-buy list but i dont really know how worth they are
    I want to know pros cons from users that owned these apps

    Unarchiver (zip/unzip/unrar) Pro
    Unarchiver (+file manager)
    Which one has more file and zip type support?
    Any differences and limitation?
    I want to pack/zip file into other format than zip and rar too if they can
    like 7zip

    Atomic browser
    Downloader elite
    iDownloader Pro
    Downloads for iPad
    I want stable/vast file format support/able to download really big file/download via java script/good interapp support
    /built in or supported cloud backup like dropbox sugarsync/background download
    I dont want to buy all of them , it seems redundant

    About browser i need solid offline viewing(not just cache that need to open app all the time like Pocket)
    and web archive/pages saving

    Any youtube downloader suggestion plz

    Smart office2
    Quick office
    Which one is the best?
    I need copy and paste table between files in spreadsheet(office2hd and document to go cant do it)
    Making histogram if possible

    Any suggestion other than my list is ok i need more information and facts
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