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    I am a big fan of maps and using a GPS for driving. I have the Motion X GPS Drive app on my iPad and it was OK, but last summer I bit and bought the Navigon Central US app. While it had some nice features, I was left feeling that there should be more. Recently, Garmin took over Navigon and about three weeks ago, put out a major update. Now the maps are kept in the cloud and many of the old free features are gone, or require subscription. On a recent trip, the software kept locking up at every opportunity, and much of the information that should be there, is missing or not functioning. I have never seen an app turned into such junk, so quickly. The only thing that I can think of is that Garmin has sabatoged the software so that they can drop it and get rid of the competition. I used to be a fan of Garmin for my boat GPS and have a Garmin GPS for my car. Any further purchases will be TomTom from now.

    I have gone back to my Motion X GPS drive. One thing that I can do on it, and not on Navigon any more, is to control my music without leaving the main screen. Does anyone know of an app or something where I can make the iPad a handsfree device for my cell phone when driving. I am hoping for something that will automatically mute/pause my music when a call comes in.

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