My MacBook Pro stopped recognizing my iPad

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    Shortly after iOS 5 was released I downloaded it and set up my iPad without at catch, synced the two devices and backed up the iPad. Everything was working fine. A few days later I purchased a new iPod Touch, since iOS 5 would not run on my old Touch. I then followed the procedures with iTunes and all worked just fine. Since doing that I have been unable to sync with my MacBook either through the WiFi direct route or through the old way of hooking up with iTunes via UBS. When ever I try to use the USB route to iTunes to sync my iPad the good old beach ball starts to spin and does not stop until I Force Quit iTunes. When I try using the WiFi Sync directly on the iPad, there is a message that my MacBook Pro cannot be found.

    Works great with the iPod Touch - Why doesn't it work with the iPad? As far as I can tell both devices use the same settings. Any suggestions will be welcome.


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