Mass Effect 3 Infiltrator Game Coming to iOS

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    Mass Effect 3 must be one of the most eagerly awaited console games of the year so far, and now, according to Shack News, it’s going to get its own companion iOS game as well, Mass Effect Infiltrator. According to EA, the app is designed to help players get the best ending in the console game by boosting their “Galactic Readiness.†Apparently Infiltrator is a “fully featured iOS third-person shooter,†complete with authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series. In the iOS game, players must help to free prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base, and in the course of their adventure, they’ll receive rewards for collecting evidence of Cerberus crimes, with each successful rescue and intelligence discovery increasing a player’s Galactic Readiness rating via the Galaxy at War system in Mass Effect 3. Success in the iOS game will also unlock unique weapons to use in the main console game, according to Shack News. [/FONT]

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