Dead Space Gets iOS Release Date of January 25

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 6, 2011.

By Maura on Jan 6, 2011 at 7:42 AM
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    Destructoid reports today that EA Mobile’s iOS version of Dead Space will be coming to the App Store on January 25, which just happens to be the exact same day that the Dead Space 2 console game hits the shelves. According to the Destructoid report, the Dead Space iOS game, which will be compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, will have a storyline that bridges the gap between the first and second console games. Also, unlike the Wii spin-off from the series, Dead Space Extraction, which was an on-rails shooter, the iOS Dead Space game will be a regular third-person action game, using touch-anywhere controls to move the main character. Weapons will also be upgradable as per the console games.

    The fact that EA is launching an all-new standalone game that fills in a vital part of the back-story of such an epic gaming franchise on the same day as the long-awaited console sequel is yet another example of the important part that iOS devices now play in the games industry. And just take a look at the screenshot released from the iPad version by EA Mobile – very nice indeed!

    Source: Destructoid Dead Space iPhone launches January 25, have screens- Destructoid


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 6, 2011.

    1. solarrdadd
      this is great news! i can't wait to pick this up. of course i'll be picking up DS2 for my PS3 as well. I can't wait til i get my iPad to play some of these yummy games on. I've got a bunch of nice 1st & 3rd person shooter & fighting games on my iPhone4 and i just can't wait to get the iPad and play them there.

      i know it's a bit off subject, but is it looking like there will be a newer iPad released second quarter this year (which is what i'm waiting for) or should i just go ahead and buy one now if a newer version isn't going to happen until 2012?
    2. Superbike81
      Wait. Apple should be announcing the specs of the iPad 2 within a month or so.
    3. J.D
      Dead Space, really? wow I am looking forward to this. Yeah the iPad 2 is due out soon so I think it will be announced within a few weeks.
    4. solarrdadd
      thanks buddy, i'll hold off til then. if they announce the spec's by say March or so, how long after that do you think it will be available for purchase?
    5. Superbike81
      Most likely it will be available for sale in April, just like the iPad was. But that's just a guess based on Apple's traditional product upgrade timeline.
    6. J.D
      I think Apple will announce the specs definitely by the end of February.
    7. solarrdadd
      there is almost no question that when the new iPad 2 is released i'll be getting it in the 64gb flavor. I am hopfull that they release it in a 128gb size too (if it's 200 or less over the price of the 64gb then i'll get that one) and dare i dream in 256gb but i kinda doubt the last one! gaming on the new one is going to be a treat. i really like gaming on my iPhone4 so i know that i'll love gaming on the iPad 2 so apple, Jobs, bring it! ;)
    8. solarrdadd
      howdy, do you do any gaming on your iPad, and if so, how is it and yes, i'm talking about heavy graphics games like the upcoming dead space and rageHD, infinity blade, Doom Resurrection, etc. I like action games like that on my iPhone4 and would love to hear from other who play games like that on the current iPad and to hear what they think about them.

      this is also open to anyone else who has an iPad and plays games like the ones mentioned on it!

      please & thank you! ;)
    9. modernfan
      I'm currently playing Infinity Blade & the graphics are so good, it almost feels like I'm playing on a console. If you are looking for a graphics rich game with tons of content, I would highly recommend Aralon Sword and Shadow. It's a free-roaming RPG with a huge sandbox - reminds me of an Elder Scrolls game. It's my favorite iPad game so far.

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