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    Just received my Mareware MicroShell Folio from

    Have to say very impressed with this case & cover combination.

    Can see clearly that Mareware has made some minute adjustments to the overall fit of the case which is similar in style to the original MicroShell Apple Smart cover friendly shell that has been redesigned.

    I was one of the unlucky ones to get the first round that were way too tight and really could not be used unless one used a great deal of effort to get it on and off and it was simply not worth it, hence the redesign.

    This is a little different than a straight shell as it incorporates the Smart cover to the mix attached permanently to the shell. The material on the cover is very high quality has a nice leathery feel to it, not at all like one would imagine, not like the original Apple case either, which was more a runber feel to it.

    The Mareware Microshell Folio has very well made inner shell, unlike many others this is completely finished, no rough or sharp edges, smooth as silk, my compliments to Mareware, as most coming from factories are not as well finished.

    It is a durable, hard plastic shell built to withstand any reasonable abuse that comes from day to day use.

    Overall protection is pretty good, the only susceptible area would be the bottom around the dock connector as noted earlier. However I would note that if your Ipad were to fall on a corner there would in all likelihood not be any damage because of the plastic snap fittings cover that area.

    Even though it would really take an unusual dead on vertical drop to do any direct damage to the bottom area, one wonders why Mareware choose to not enclose this area. Its not a deal breaker by any means, just a design curiosity for me.

    The Microshell's back has the same very nice rubberized feeling for a good grip and has the two ridges on the back that I to liked on the original Microhell. This was eliminated when they re did the case recently, and this a real plus for this case.

    I think the ridges on the back provide an extra level of grip comfort. They also work nicely with the design, and the front cover allowing a few more viewing positions than an ordinary Apple Smart cover would allow.

    I will include a few pictures for folks to look at as well.

    Opening the front cover from the closed position is easy, and I actually think its easier to open than the Apple Smart cover. Anywhere along the bottom allows you to flip open the the cover in addition to s assertion on the upper right hand corner.

    There are no hibernation issues when front cover is folded completely over. It essentially lies flat when open in this position lying against the ridges on the back.

    When in the closed position it, the cover lies completely flat against the screens surface, and the unit shuts right off.

    The cover stays closed while upside down which is nice.

    It is extraordinarily well designed to maintain the Ipads overall dimensions, slim and trim in addition to adding very little additional weight.

    Because the dimensions of the shell are such that the fit is extremely exact, but not too tight like the first shell they produced, this one snaps into place with a just modest amount of effort as opposed to a struggle with the first.

    The shell is form fitting to the Ipad and I mean exactly, so if you have a skin on the back of your Ipad you may have to remove it.

    Any additional thickness makes getting this shell on a little difficult. If your one who likes to change cases every so often utilizing this one, and depending on the skin your using this may be something to consider.

    I found using the Wrapsol, which is a thicker protective skin difficult to use, so just a heads up on that.

    I find handling the Ipad in the Mareware MicorShell Folio case a very pleasant experience, not cumbersome like some cases. It's really almost like using your Ipad with out a case on.

    As I said it allows the Ipad to be the Ipad in its original dimensions and form factor without taking anything away from it, or adding any thing to it which to me is one of the beauties of using the new Ipad, especially over the long run.

    Another thing I really like about Mareware is that it is a company that takes the the environmental issue very seriously, noting in a large section on the box that they donate 2% of their annual profits to local and global charities to preserve ecology and help communities in distress. They call it "Starting a wave of responsibility"!

    As an environmentalist, I can certainly get behind any company that places an emphasis on producing environmentally-sensible products which is what Mareware seems to be doing. I don't know many other companies that have adopted this manufcaturing and philanthropic philosophy but I think that should be a consideration when making a decision on their products and worth noting in any write up of them!

    The case is on the expensive side direct from Mareware but I got mine at for much less, if you use this coupon, MARWARE50, its $50 with no shipping, so if your interested I would recommend heading over there, also they have free shipping!




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