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    Hellooo. I currently have mobileme with a address. I also purchased a domain from my old ISP and they host email forwarding for me so people can email me at my address. I called my current ISp and got their email incoming/ outgoing settings.

    My mac email just works perfectly but my email never syncs properly or sends mail when I'm away from home. From having read numerous posts on the forum here I suspect it may be to do with not being an imap account?? I've had a look on the settings on the ipad and here they are:

    pop account info:
    name: X
    address: Y
    description: Z

    host name:
    username/password: xxxx
    outgoing mail server:

    delete messages after one week
    SSL off
    Authentication: password
    delete from server: never
    server port 110

    On my macbookpro all works fine. I receive, read, delete and drag into folders no bother. When I open mail on the ipad it gets all my mail from most recent (which I'll still have read on the pro) but also gets mail from weeks or even months ago.

    Also, when I'm away from home I can't send mail as it's blocked. I take it that's to do with using my home isp's smtp server?? can I use anyones smtp server?

    I tried to see if apple's mobileme service could take over the email forwarding that Nildram do for me just now as I managed to get my website address hosted by them so my iweb works on it but they've said web only/ no mail services.

    Does anybody have any advice (other than stop using my address!!). I've owned it for a long time and I'd like to keep it but will happily move to another host/ forwarding service as Nildram are charging way over the odds to forward my mail and don't even host the site (£85 a year!).

    First thing's first though. Can I get my outgoing mail server and mail sync issues resolved and if so how??

    Any and all help would be much appreciated

    The port

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