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Magic 2013 performance questions.

Discussion in 'iPad Games' started by Dray, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Dray

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    May 29, 2012
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    Just got this today and I have to say it has been realized exceptionally well on the iPad, but I've a few questions for anyone that has it and has been playing a while.

    First, does it make your iPad heat up to any great degree and second how hard is it on the battery, I suspect I will find out over the coming weeks as it looks like it's going to suck up a lot of my time. I ask about the heat as I noticed after 30 mins on a break during work today it was quite warm. I'm using a iPad 2 32Gb wi-fi only.

    Also if anyone is thinking about getting this, £7 may be a bit steep looking at how many quality games you can get cheaper but if you like MTG and aren't to anal over the lack of a deck builder from scratch it's worth every penny.

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