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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by kjking7375, Jul 8, 2013.

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    Ok, so here goes. My ex got me an ipad 3 for christmas and put me on her cell data plan at AT&T. Eventhough we broke up I've stayed on her plan and billing account. Things haven't been great with us, so when i woke up this morning and noticed when i tried to switch over to the cell plan and it said "no service", i automatically assumed she canceled it and decided to pay the cancelation fee. I was not about to call and ask, so i just left it alone. This afternoon she texts me from her cell phone asking if i went over my data plan. Sidenote, the new billing cycle started today i think. I barely used the plan in june. In may there is a small chance that i barely went over, so at this point i'm not sure, and i obviosly don't have access to the billing data so i can't look for myself. Is it possible that they just shut off the service to the ipad but not her iphone assuming i went over on the data plan in may? Would she have had to cancel the service herself and is now just jerking me around? Oh yeah, she said she did not cancel the service. When i asked her if she could check she sent me a text saying, "don't know, i just called. It is still active." The situation confuses me because she sent me the first text asking if i went over the data plan, and coincidentally i didn't have service today. Wouldn't she already know the answer to the question? Today is the first day i checked the data plan in about a week so i don't even know if this was the first day it has been out. Shouldn't she have usage information on her bill. According to my usage log I didnt go over in may, but that could have been off a little. Advice?
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    Hi there! Welcome to iPF!

    I don't know how it works at your place.
    When I receive my smartphone bill, I can see my usage:


    It's not the same with my WiFi/iPad usage bill. There I can only see how much I have to pay.
    However, I can login to my provider's website and see there how much I've used:


    (Sorry, German. I'm from Austria.)

    This really is an odd situation.
    I know it's none of my business, but may I ask:
    Wouldn't it be better not to stay on her data plan, even more so because you seem to have problems communicating with each other? I don't think the situation will improve.
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    Agree with J.A. Get your own data plan instead of trying to guess what happened over someone you can't even communicate with.

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