Magician uses the iPad to perform tricks inside Angry Birds Season

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    It’s official, folks. Rovio has just unleashed an update for one of its smash hit game versions – Angry Birds Season. This particular update will bring a new interesting feat to the game play we have been accustomed so far – Magic Portals. And there’s more - the Finnish company chose the funny and very popular iPad magician Simon Pierro to promote this new update.

    These portals basically offer the opportunity to teleport birds between different places within the game. So you can see why Pierro was an excellent choice to showcase a couple of features in the game. With his hilarious magic tricks, of course.

    The newest Angry Birds update has been dubbed “Abra-Ca-Bacon†and our magician takes viewers on this quick game tour that’s cluttered with hocus pocus and techno tricks like pulling actual objects (a small stick) from the iPad’s screen.

    Pierro’s magic tricks have gained a lot of notoriety after Mashable posted his “IOS 5†video, which left users dazzled. The website also interviewed Simon in the hopes that the magician will reveal some of his tricks. He didn’t. But he did offer some interesting pieces of information to answer those who think camera tricks are involved in his act.

    "No camera tricks. I think they would destroy the nature and credibility of magic. What you see in the video looks exactly the same as if you were standing in my living room yourself. That's why I perform my magic live on stages all over the world."

    Source: Mashable
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