looking for game of this type (in post) that isnt too dependent on buy currency

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    hey whats up

    recently got an ipad they are great

    i am looking for a certain type of game if anyone can offer advice please...

    i like games where you build up a nation, or a character, or an 'army' or group of heros, and compete against others and against computer enemies - games like Lord of the Dragons , Valor , Ogame, KABAM's games, World at Arms

    but my favorite ones, lord of the dragons, world at arms, and ogame, are fairly dependent on buying success or paying regularly to do well. i like valor so far and it seems like it has a fair shop.

    i like these games that are similar to browser games but for ipad only or on ipad only servers. some pictures and graphics and potentially simple animation but mostly a text based kind of adventure and development game. are there any games like this that dont thrive on a cash shop? again, valor seems good so far, and it is a city builder, i would like to try find a good avatar based game where you develop your skills and power and fight enemies and other players

    thanks for any suggestions

    i am also interested in buy to play games as long as they dont become dependent on spending more and more money
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