Looking for a "think outside the box" solution for my tour business

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    I'm starting a new tour business and will have monitor screens installed in my van that will play movie clips. The company doing the work suggested the best way to do this was to play movies from an IPAD and send the output to the screens. But correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think that I can go to specific time code using an IPAD player, is that correct? (I don't own an IPAD yet, so I'm not sure what it can do!) Is there any software (app) that I can buy for the IPAD that will help me achieve this? In other words, I don't want to play the entire movie, I want to just play a specific scene. The problem is, the movie studios won't allow me to actually edit the films so I need to figure out how to go to a specific scene in a movie without scrubbing through it, which could take time. The best way would be to either program it to go to a specific film and time code or do it manually.

    Or does anyone have any other suggestions? I just want to be able to play specific scenes (clips) from certain movies and I need to access them quickly. Scrubbing through to the desired scene is definitely not efficient.


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