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    Hi @ all :)

    One week ago I got my desired iPad2 after one month of waiting.
    It is my first apple device and actually I thought that it might be more convenient to use, but it seems like it is the case only if I trash all my bought stuff and buy it again in the iTunes store. For instance I thought it must be possible to read my ebooks I have bought as pdf before... Most of them are textbooks that cost all together several hundred dollars and now I cannot read them on my iPad?
    Can someone help me?
    The next problem is that my OS is Linux (Ubuntu 10.10).
    As yet I am able to connect my iPad2 filesystem to Linux using libidmobiledevice (no jailbreak!!!):
    libimobiledevice - Teaching Penguins to talk to fruits
    Ubuntu install: Connect Ipad and Ipod with Ubuntu
    Furthermore I am able to put musik on my iPad using Rhythembox.
    However, although I am able to access the filesystem and to copy files to my iPad I am not able to open them on the device.
    Obviously the iPad writes library entries for every file on the system that prevent the ordinary user to use "not-iTunes" files and force him to buy everything... Or at least I have the feeling that this is the case...
    Can someone help me? I guess there must be a possibility to open files on the filesystem like pdfs.
    Something makes it more confusing: The view on the filesystem I get by connecting the device directly to my computer is different from the one using the iPhone app "filesystem".
    Is there no possibility to open my pdf files on the ipad offline? (- no Dropbox please! I would like to open those files also at places without Internet connection and anyway those files altogether are bigger than the free Dropbox)

    (Oh and of course ... how about movies? How can I get them on my iPad?)

    (The latest iTunes version I can run on Linux is 7.x )

    Thanks! :)
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