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Discussion in 'iPad Pro Forum' started by smalltowngirl13, Nov 24, 2015.

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    We have several members who have had their iPad Pro's for a bit now :) - so let's see your "official" review of tablet...give us at least 3 pro's and 3 con's (if there are that many ;)). Also give us how you think the tablet is overall built (feel in hand, durability, etc). Give us any other details that you are think are pertinent to your review.

    Look forward to seeing these reviews by our members!
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    ipad is, and always will be a subjective and personal issue. all this crap about 'will it replace a laptop' and 'it has no proper filing system' are rubbish. For me, as a professional artist, the Pro has replaced my laptop and is earning it's keep sitting on my office desk all day. i still use my main pc's as processing beasts, but i refuse to listen to anyone telling me what i should think of the Pro. for me, it is what it is :)

    Also, which is most important, the ipad is a touch device running a tablet OS. it isnt a laptop running a laptop osx. it's just as capable, but people need to understand this and get their heads around it. only then will people be ultimately more comfortable and forgiving to it.

    yes, it isnt going to replace my desktop rendering systems any time soon. but i was never thinking it would or wishing it would.

    I love it!

    iPad Pro Pros

    1) Uber beautiful to hold and use. a masterpiece in ergonomics and aesthetics. feels so light and easy.
    2) fast. stupidly fast. both in processing and wifi. it's possibly faster in wifi than my hard wired pc's
    3) screen is just to die for. so silky and defined. complicated XL sheets are a pleasure to use now.

    iPad Pro Cons
    1) Really is most expensive. Very. its laptop prices. and because it uses IOS some might choose a laptop with OSX and the familiarity and functionality that brings instead.
    2) Too big? it's massive. much larger than i was expecting. possibly too large for comfortable couch and bed use maybe.
    3) Not enough desktop class apps. The IOS is capable of taking them, and the hardware is most certainly fast enough, so where are they?
    and also for software and devs - the Pro needs more apps optimized and converted for Pro and IOS9.x.

    Smart Keyboard Pros
    1) fantastic feel and tactile action. Great to type with and a natural perfect viewing angle.
    2) lovely to use a 'snap-on' powerless keyboard instead of the on-screen keyboard or a blue tooth attachment in my opinion.
    3) it actually folds up very sleekly and nicely. Not as ugly as some initial photos made out.

    Smart Keyboard Cons
    1) missing a top line of function keys. not essential but most useful.
    2) Only US version. Being in the UK i'd like it more familiar with UK buttons
    3) Backlit and a track pad would be quite welcome too.

    Pencil Pros
    1) awesome to hold and use. Feels quite weighty and premium, not light and flimsy like the photographs make out
    2) Great battery power (mines down to 47% after a full week's worth of use)
    3) Fantastic as a general iPad Pro stylus/pointing device in whatever app you use. Brilliant. Again, a software thing - the painting apps are to die for.

    Pencil Cons
    1) no where to naturally store it or clip it to.
    2) an eraser would be naturally awesome on the other end of it for in-app usage
    3) charging is a faff and the danger of loosing the end cap is quite real.
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    This is my second iPad, my first being a 1st gen I still use for work.

    The pros - This new iPad is larger and thinner, weight is comparable to me, can't tell which is heavier without looking it up. This is easy to hold and surf around on in my hands. It's fast and reliable compared to my old iPad. The resolution is much sharper. The sound is much better with these four stereo speakers. Battery life comparable.

    The cons - The keyboard doesn't split, making typing while holding pretty much impossible. Had to lay it down in my lap to write this post. It takes longer to charge. Full disclosure, I charge it through the USB drive on my PC, but that's how I charge my old iPad too. This one won't fully charge overnight. But that's okay because a 75% charge is about 25% more than I need in a day. The lack of third party cases at the moment is an issue.

    That being said, I absolutely love it.

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