Leaked iPad Air 3 Design Reveals LED Flash and Four Speakers

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    Following on from yesterday’s strong rumour that the iPad Air 3 will launch in the first half of this year, AppleInsider reports that a newly leaked design has shed more light on the forthcoming tablet.

    Initially reported on by French website Nowhereelse, the original source for the story says that the design shows that iPad Air 3 will have four speakers, as well as an LED flash for the rear camera.

    The extra speakers would make the iPad Air more like the iPad Pro, with a louder sound and true stereo panning.

    There’s a fair chance that the leaked image may be genuine, as Nowhereelse says that while the source isn’t 100-percent reliable, it has been correct two out of three times previously.

    However, as AppleInsider notes, talk of an LED flash for the rear camera is a little more surprising, as no previous iPad models have had flash. Even so, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen now!

    Rumor: Leaked 'iPad Air 3' design suggests four speakers, LED flash

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