iPad Pro/Plus Case Pictures Leak

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 30, 2015.

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    iPad pro case.JPG
    According to a report on Nowhereelse, via BGR, it looks as though the first picture of a protective case for the forthcoming 12-inch iPad Air Plus/iPad Pro has leaked.

    Examining the picture closely, you can see that it is definitely not for the iPad Air 2, as there are subtle differences in the placement of various outlets.

    For example, you can clearly see the four cutouts in each of the four corners of the case, which could be the site of the four speakers that the iPad Pro is expected to have.

    This would appear to be the main difference, as other cutouts shown on the case are similar to those for the current iPad Air 2, such as the standby button at the top, rear camera housings, and the volume buttons.

    Another somewhat mysterious cutout can be seen on the right side of the case, and as yet no one has come up with a good idea of what that might be for!

    Source: http://bgr.com/2015/01/29/ipad-air-plus-rumor-leaked-case/
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    The cutout on the side of the case may possibly be for a centre speaker for use when watching video or music content while the iPad is in landscape mode.
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    If I were to guess, based on the ideas that the rumors are true-ish for a change, I'd say that side cutout is for the power button. The two top cutouts (other than the ones mirroring the speaker cutouts on the bottom) would probably be for the headphone jack and the rumored, optional stylus.

    If Apple does include a stylus, then they are probably going to give it a place slot where you can stow it away.

    I'd guess the small hole is for the headphone jack and the larger one, behind the camera, is some kind of slot of clip for the stylus.

    All very speculative, of course.

    I'm very interested in this 'rumored' new device. Since the iPhone 6 Plus has made my iPad mostly a home device, a larger iPad with a stylus (mostly for drawing) sounds very tempting.

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    I couldn't agree with you any more twerppoet. Also like you I'm convinced that the new configuration cutout ' s are for the stylus , and the afformentioned in your post as well. I also want to add that
    If Apple were to have these features plus the very first of its devices to have a forward facing flash ( I wouldn't even care to ever use the flash,)
    The way I think is its not like apple can't afford to put a 6.00$ Component
    In ,,and two it's an ethics thing in that no damn camera since its creation
    Does not have a friggen flash. I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing. I think also that the very idea or concept of an iPad that is more focused on
    Catering mainly to art , sketching ,drawing is brilliant .and still have the same functions as all its devices. It's bigger more like a canvass should be and lets really look hard at all the art apps . Man there are more
    Apps on art , this 1catagorey , it's overwhelming , and they are getting better. I have all auto desk apps and wouldn't mind buying shares in that company if I could . They are hot .any way we will see

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