Leaked AT&T Papers Reveal Charging Details for LTE Data Plans

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    While it’s still not certain exactly what those AT&T documents that were leaked by hackers Lulzsec the other day reveal about whether or not AT&T is testing LTE iPads, what would appear to be certain, going by this story on Cult of Mac, is that AT&T will be charging whopping amounts of money for LTE when it does finally arrive on the iPhone and iPad. According to the report, the documents reveal everything about AT&T’s proposed data plans for its LTE network, which will apparently start at $30 per month and peak at $80, with a mid-range $60 plan in between.

    The $30-per-month plan will give you 5GB of data, with 7.0Mbps download and 3.0Mbps upload speeds. If you exceed your data limit, your speed will be cut to 3.0Mbps for downloads and 1.0Mbps for uploads. Should you exceed your limit by 2GB, you’ll be cut off. And you will be charged $0.05 per meg for exceeding your limit. Yikes!

    The $80-per-month plan will give you 20GB of data, with 12.0Mbps download and 7.5Mbps upload speeds. If you exceed your data limit, your speed will be cut to 7.0Mbps for downloads and 3.0Mbps for uploads. The overage charge is also $0.05 per meg.

    Cult of Mac points out that these are only proposed data plans for LTE usage, but they would appear to indicate that AT&T is looking to hit customers hard for going over their limits.

    Source: This Is What AT&T Wants To Charge You Every Month For Your LTE iPhone | Cult of Mac

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