Jony Ive in Rare Interview: Design Philosophy, Steve Jobs, Future of Apple

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    You don’t see top Apple executives giving too many interviews and that’s probably also part of their business strategy. But Apple’s senior vice president of design Jony Ive has recently given an extensive interview to the UK paper The Sunday Times which is also available for free on the website. Ive talks about his design philosophies, his close relationship with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his expectations for Apple’s future. Here are some of the most interesting excerpts:

    This is what Ive had to say about the design principles over at Apple:

    When asked about his relationship with Steve Jobs, the design genius had only words of praise:

    He was also questioned whether he’d stop working at Apple if the company could no longer make innovative products:

    Just as expected, he didn’t indulge to reveal more details on potential upcoming products such as the Apple TV or the iWatch? Albeit quite long, the article is quite an interesting read, so go ahead and let us know what you best liked about it.


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