Steve Jobs Pours Ice Cold Water on Rumours of 7-Inch iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 18, 2010.

By Maura on Oct 18, 2010 at 8:30 PM
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    Today was a very busy news day for Apple and Apple CEO Steve Jobs in particular, with Apple announcing its fourth quarter results via conference call. Steve Jobs doesn’t usually turn up at these things, but today he did, and he was in the mood to talk. A lot! For starters, he completely squashed the persistent rumour that Apple will soon be releasing a 7-inch iPad, according to AppleInsider.

    So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth: no 7-inch iPad.

    Source: AppleInsider


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 18, 2010.

    1. j0yful
      I never once did believe that there would come out a 7" Ipad. I don't see apple as the one to follow the trend of smaller tablets. rather, Apple wants to start a trend.
    2. henry2
      i keep trying to tell people that Mr jobs is going to do something stupid with the ipad in the first year of it release ..
    3. SweetPoison
      What is he going to do that is stupid, Henry?
    4. henry2
      working around a bunch of software greeks you learn from talking to them about the ipad and it basic software to run the ipad and they think Steve Jobs is a god along with talking them about the software that apple use to run a ipad or iphone or ipod is that it design to be simple and smooth to work with..

      plus a office pool that apple would not bring out a 7.inch before next year Xmas ..the pool is about $.1000.oo dollars and it was payed out this afternoon ..myself and three other guys where the winners ..:D:D:):D:D
    5. mac
      7 inches is too small when you have a colour screen. The iPad is a media consumption device, and most colour media - anything with pictures - needs plenty of screen real estate (magazines, films, picture books, the web).

      And given that most people are using their iPad at home it just doesn't need to be super-portable. It's plenty portable enough for what they're using it for.

      I've been hoping for bigger tablets 12-13" and have been rather disappointed at this trend towards 7".

      I guess it's caused by the false idea that everyone is always on the go (and that when they're 'on-the-go' they have time to play with their tablet), and the dimensions of paperback books.
    6. Hasty
      He's right about fingertip size being the defining factor in screen size. I love my iPod but with large hands manipulating the on screen controls is often awkward.
      With modern screens, the importance of size depends on how highly you rate portability against other factors. Just hold it closer and it appears bigger.

      Although he sounded grumpy, a cold perhaps, he gave an interesting overview of how apple conceives the development of their machines. The user experience being paramount.
      What the iPad experience has given me is a discontent with my current pc's and mac, with their industrial operating systems failing to run with the speed of iOS. I want instant on/off and immediate response.
    7. col.bris
      Instant on and off well i guess Wednesday you have your wish with new mac air.

    8. Hasty
      Yeah have been following rumours. And Jobs did say there is more to come this year.
    9. robertlc
      So what do we do to the next person that starts a thread asking about or starting the rumor of a 7" iPad?

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