Japanese Blog Posts Video With Extensive Footage of Rumoured iPad 2 Case

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Dec 27, 2010.

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    MacRumors has another report today from the Japanese blog Macotakara, which last week had lots of information about the much-rumoured iPad 2. Now the same blog has posted a lengthy video showing an in-depth examination of what it claims are two third-party iPad 2 cases, one hard shell and one made of soft silicone. Aside from featuring some groovy music for you to chill out to, the video presents a comparison between the two cases, which are placed over a current iPad to more clearly illustrate the differences between what the gaps in the case reveal of the makeup of the next iPad, and the current iPad. As with previous reports, it would appear that the new iPad will have tapered sides and a very flat back, similar to the latest iPod touch. For this reason, as has also been widely reported, although still not confirmed by Apple of course, it would appear that the next-gen iPad’s speaker grille will now be housed on the back. MacRumors says that it also seems likely that the volume buttons on the side of the new iPad will be split and more oblong in shape, again similar to those on the current iPad touch. Finally, MacRumors points out that the camera hole in the back of the cases is roughly the same size as that of the iPhone 4 and bigger than that of the iPod touch, hinting at the possibility that the iPad 2 might have a camera of the same high-res calibre as that of the iPhone 4. All just rumour and conjecture at the moment of course! As ever, watch this space!

    Source: Next-Generation iPad With Tapered Sides and iPod Touch-Like Form Factor? - Mac Rumors
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