James Franco Tells the Tale of iPad Rage at Once the Musical!

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    The Huffington Post has an absolutely cracking feature today written by actor James Franco, all about a recent trip he took to see Once the musical on Broadway. You really have to read the story to appreciate it, it’s so well written, but just to sum up, basically what happened was that when the show started, after everyone else had turned off their smartphones and other electrical devices, one man in the audience didn’t turn off his iPad and continued to use it. He then, according to Franco, lifted the iPad up to his face to take pictures of the start of the musical, acting like you often see people doing at concerts these days. Fine for rock concerts, not really appropriate for the theater! Franco said that the light from the screen was distracting him as he was sitting alongside, but worse was to come in terms of disruption, as, having been asked to turn off his iPad, the man in question (dubbed “Mr. Soprano†by Franco), proceeded to go “berserkâ€, saying things like “I will kill you,†and using much worse language! He even stood up to threaten the person who had told him to turn off the iPad, only for his wife to pull him back down. Franco says that Mr. Angry seemed to calm down after that, although his wife wouldn’t hold his hand, and at the interval he turned the iPad on again and logged onto Facebook, before turning it off again for Act Two!

    Source: James Franco: Don't Bring Your iPad to Once the Musical

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