iPad Addict Gets in Trouble for Refusing to Turn Off Device On Plane

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 25, 2010.

By Maura on Oct 25, 2010 at 2:39 PM
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    A cautionary tale this, from Jalopnik, about a troublesome traveller that the blog post writer, Lux Alptraum, came across on a flight from Chicago to New York last week. It all started as the plane took off and the man sitting next to the writer turned on his iPad. When a flight attendant told the passenger to turn off the device, instead of turning it off, the passenger gave the attendant some lip, but then turned off the iPad when the attendant told him that it was an FAA regulation that he should do so. The passenger, presumably duly chastened, finally turned it off, only to turn it back on again the minute the attendant turned away! The attendant then came back and told the passenger that he was in danger of forcing the plane to taxi back to the gate, where he would be met by police if he didn’t turn his iPad off, and the captain then also issued a warning over the intercom. Once again, the recalcitrant passenger put his iPad away, and, according to Alptraum, everything would have been okay if the plane hadn’t then been delayed for 90 minutes by bad weather, prompting the iPad owner to ask the attendants for alcohol. More shenanigans ensued, which you can read about in detail in the blog post. The plane eventually did take off, but the iPad owner caused even more of a ruckus, demanding alcohol and so forth, with the end result that he was arrested when the plane landed at LaGuardia, and will apparently now be placed on the no-fly list for the foreseeable future.

    Now all I want to know is, what app was so fascinating that he couldn’t turn it off even for a minute? I’m thinking Angry Birds HD…

    Source: Jalopnik


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 25, 2010.

    1. Joker
      Interesting.. I'm thinkin' PvZ, get ready to soil your plants.
    2. henry2
      you do know that the whole thing about modern day electronics on the plane is a b.s. story that they airlines use ..

      it was proven on mythbusters about the modern day electronics and airplanes electronic displays units..they proved it does not happen at anytime when useing a modern device on the place..

      so my figureing it about the power over the people locked inside the metal tube of the socalled plane at the time..
    3. CL601pilot
      Sooooooooooo what about the airplane mode? That whole thing about powering it down completely is a bunch of bs!!
    4. Todd M
      Todd M
      I just flew to Atlanta and I had my iPad on during the flight watching a movie and the attendants never said a word to me. The one saw me watching a movie and asked if I wanted something to drink. Not sure if it's by airline or by whoever is working the flight.
    5. j0yful
      and so what so should a passenger do when ask by a flight attendant? show Ipad that it's on an "airplane" mode?
    6. iPadster
      I fly regularly and never turn my 16 gig wifi iPad off. I just put it in the seat back and pull it back out after the flight attendant puts her seatbelt on. There is no need to turn off any wifi device in a plane. It's all a bunch off bs.
    7. Luvntravln
      While I absolutely agree that the regulations are BS, are you going to teach your children that they can ignore any law/regulation that they consider BS? Do you really think a position that I can ignore what I disagree with is limited to a stupid regulation.

      Sorry, I do not like the rule either; however.............
    8. j0yful
      my brother always calls me from the plane in secret. i always told him it's against the rules. and his reply was always " I'd like to know how good the pilot is" .
    9. Hasty
      At least it was an iPad and not an alligator.......

      Sounds as if he was twitched about flying and was desperate for distraction........either that or he had just downloaded the Victoria's Secret app........

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