iTunes via Remote to Apple TV in "different"WLAN?

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    I have iTunes on my Computer with Home Sharing on and everything.

    The walls in my house are so massive, that the WLAN I have in my office-room (where my PC is) does not reach into the living room (where the Apple TV and the HiFi is), so I had to install a PowerLAN system.
    Because of this, the WLAN in the living room is a "diffent" one, with a different name, than the one where iTunes is.

    If I am in the office and start the Remote App, everything is fine, I see the Apple TV as well as my Media Library to choose from.

    As soon as I go into the other room and the other WLAn takes over, I only see the Apple TV and the Media Library is gone.
    On the Apple TV are just a couple of Albums I bought in the iTunes Store, but none of my quite extensive collection that stems mostly from my Physical CD-Collection.

    Is there a way to tell the Media Library that its OK to stream to the other WLAN?
    Or any other solution?

    FYI: iTunes on Win7 PC, iPad3, AppleTV 2nd Gen.


    PC with iTunes is in WLAN 1
    Apple TV and iPad are in WLAN 2

    P.P.S.: I actually CAN play all my music directly from AppleTV, even though its in the other WLAN and I CAN use my Media Library with Remote as soon as my iPad is connected to LAN 2
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