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    First, let's be clear that I'm not playing music that resides on my iPad. I have about 120 classical and jazz CDs ripped to my iMac, which I play on my stereo through my Apple TV and a Fiio DAC. The iMac is in my office, and I've been using Apple's Remote app to control the music from my iPad in the living room. It's very convenient, and sounds great.

    However, Remote isn't very robust. Half the time it can't find my iTunes library, and it crashes a lot. It's gotten worse lately, possibly due either to iOS 8.2 or to one of the recent 10.10 or iTunes updates. Does anyone know of another iPad app that can control iTunes on an iMac?

    FWIW, the notification widget called Today Remote works perfectly and reliably, but all it can do is pause, resume, and skip tracks. It cannot select tunes or manage a queue. I know I could turn on the TV and select music with the Apple TV remote, but that's a poor workaround at best.

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