iTunes: most used service by people who buy music online, survey finds

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    As a music lover, I adore downloading as many albums and songs as I can. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra few releases, for those rainy days when you just want to sit in at home and hear something fresh and wonderful.

    A new NPD study showcases that the majority of people who download music, do so via Apple’s iTunes Store. That’s quite a surprise, considering that music streaming services have been taking off a lot lately. Picture this scenario, you’re far away from your computer, in a hostel or at your friend’s house and you really want to play this song. Thanks to services like Spotify or Pandora and even YouTube you can do so, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter what song you have in mind.

    However, NPD has found that people still love to own music. And speaking from my own experience, I like to know that my music is stored somewhere on a hard drive, just in case something happens and I lose my Internet connection.

    The NPD survey covered data from 5,400 customers and found that 44 million US citizens have downloaded at least one song per year. And the same pattern can be spotted for the last three years. 30 percent of people involved in the research stated that listening to a whole album is important. I tend to agree. One of three of those interviewed feel that owning the music you listen to is essential. How else would you support the artist? And I’m not talking about big names like Beyonce or Lady Gaga. But those little bands who still struggle to make a living out of what they love.

    Source: Cnet
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