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Discussion in 'iTunes Forum' started by LTCSZ, Jan 28, 2015.

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    Hi Again: I will try to make my question clear enough! When I add artwork to an ITunes song from my computer using ITunes, do I have to keep the picture on my computer forever or is the picture copied into ITunes/IPad? Can I then erase the original artwork from my computer? Will the artwork still be there after re-synching? Thanks a lot...
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    If you are syncing your music from the computer using iTunes, then any change you make to the song in iTunes, including the artwork, should sync back to the iPad.

    So yes, if you are adding artwork to albums and songs in iTunes, then you need to leave it there. Either that, ornever sycn your iPad back to iTunes after you've removed it.

    Unless you are using really large image files for the artwork, there isn't any reason you should feel the need to remove it from iTunes. And there is no reason to use super high quality images. It's not like the iPad can display them in their full glory.

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