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Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by monkeyman2424, Jul 13, 2012.

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    If you dont know, the irig midi is a little black box made by IK Multimedia that allows you to plug in any midi keyboard or device into your ipod/ipad.

    It does work. And its pretty small, a little bigger than a guitar pick. Those are the good things. But for every good, there is almost always a bad. Many, in this case. To start, this piece of plastic is... A piece of plastic. Cheap plastic. Im afraid its going to fall out of my ipad and shatter on the ground. That brings me to #2. The 30 pin connector is somehow smaller than apples. This causes a loose connection between the irig midi and the ipod. This is bad for data transfer, and bad because it can easily fall out and break because of how cheap it is made. I compared the connector to my apple ipad charger and it does look smaller than the charger is.

    Now, to get to the actual point, i have thought of a few things that could fix these problems, and am asking you guys what you think. The first thing i want to do is gut the little box, keeping all wires connected (for now) and putting it in a stronger case. My preference is an altoids tin. Its just a style. This brings up a problem though: you cant have a bigger case hanging off an ipad. This is why i am thinking about cutting an old unused ipod cable from about 7 inches from the 30 pin connector, and somehow wiring to the irig now in its' new box. Drill the holes in the right spots and its good to go. This solves 2 problems: there is an apple 30 pin connector so there will be a snug fit, and there is about 6 inches of wire between the irig and the ipad, letting you place the irig beside your ipad or ipod.

    These are just my ideas that seem easy enough to do,for not that much money. You dont have to buy anything except a container if you dont already have one. You are just taking everything out of one box and putting itmin another. This will be a fun little (little little tiny little tiny tiny) project for me that should take me about half an hour.

    Tell me what you think! Also, if you have any ideas, let me know!

    Edit: there is something called podbreakout 1.5 that will be very useful for modding using 30 pin is the link:

    But, i might just use an extension cord. I found an universal one with all 30 pins connected for universal reasons. I might use that instead.

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