Wiring multiple adapters to single male, 30-pin connector

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    I am working on a custom case for my iPad 2 that started from the idea of expanding on the Moleskine/DoDo Cases that are out there. A true Moleskine A4 Folio is about three inches longer than an iPad/iPad 2 and about an inch wider. That gave me the idea of adding storage areas for a stylus and adapter(s).

    I did some research but have yet to find anything that helps answer my next question/idea. Can multiple iPad adapters (HDMI/30-Pin charge, Camera USB, Camera SD, VGA, DVI) be wired to a single male 30-pin connector?

    I would love to have all the adapter recessed in to the case and have it function as a docking port for the iPad as well as a case.

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