IPAD2 Hardware malfunction...

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    I have an IPAD 2 and have an issue with the Blue tooth. While trying to pair or synch, my IPAD 2 was just "searching" but never able to find the device. We tried a couple of different brands of bluetooth compatible keyboards (all of which paired with my Iphone 4, and then went to see a "genius". After a short attempt and doing all of things I had already tried (resetting the device, upgrading to the most current iOS, and turning the devices off and on), The "genius" told me that it was a hardware malfunction.

    With that said I assumed it was something they would fix. The kicker is, in the process of buying on blue tooth device then returning and replacing with a different brand, my 1 year warranty had expired. When I went to the APPLE STORE, the warranty was expired by 1 week. They offered no help and said I could invest in a refurbished Unit for around $300-400. I think it's dumb that they wouldn't help and took advantage of the technicality when it's admittedly a hardware quality issue. It's a judgement call. I would have been satisfied with them sending it for repair but they just said sorry and called the next person.

    Any ideas on how to get this fixed without getting ripped off by the Apple Store, please let me know.



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